The glory of the former
Is soon surpassing the latter
The days of sound drills
Are remembered with no thrills
What lie only are tales of days of old
When education was like gold
When the institution, though not at its best
Strove to produce the best

Laxity has seized the day
On the part of the instructors and the instructed
Oh, the sweet taste of sweaty success
Has been lost on the present day!
The days of hard-earned merit
Are now legacies yet to be relived.

The real stuff
We now grope in darkness for
The marks are now major
And the minds now minor
No telling what the future holds
For such a decrying boat!

The system has lost its way
Found a makeshift harbor
Of unsteady construct
Where we have failed?
That stares us in the face
The products of the system
Have flunked the quality test
The once flourishing
Has now become the most beleaguered.

WRITTEN BY: TeewohFire

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