Views: 266 looking back to the days when they came just like thieves at night with our eyes widely open; looking like unwary strangers in our land. they brought peace, as they claimed, accompanied with truths and lies   we thought it was a blessing; we thought our fears would […]

University of Ibadan fresher

Love is against You

Views: 254 Arewa, Why are you so unfortunate? That every man promised To be the crown of your head But they all ended up playing you Arewa, I heard about Adisa The accursed man that crushed your heart He broke your heart and sold your soul Why are you so […]


Views: 314 The glory of the former Is soon surpassing the latter The days of sound drills Are remembered with no thrills What lie only are tales of days of old When education was like gold When the institution, though not at its best Strove to produce the best Laxity […]