Flier for Roundtable Discourse with Theophilus

Discourse #3: #EndSARS Protests, Lekki Massacre, the Government, the People and our Universities

In the aftershock of the #ENDSARS Protests and the Lekki Massacre of Tuesday, 20 October, 2020, Ofure Ebhomielen – a University of Ibadan’s 2018 Overall Best Graduating Student and a vocal campaigner during the #ENDSARS Protests, Martins Isaac – a student of history and seasoned analyst, and Gbenga Sadiq – one-time President of The Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan and a veteran poltical commentator joined Theophilus Femi Alawonde at the Roundtable to discuss issues surrounding the #EndSARS Protests and Lekki Massacre, complicit parties, the Nigerian governments reactions, and the likely effects that the protests will have on the Nigerian nation in general and Nigerian universities in particular. Enjoy and learn!

Flier for Roundtable Discourse with Theophilus

Discourse #2: Sexual Assaults, the UIte and the University of Ibadan

This is the second discourse in the Roundtable Discourse with Theophilus series, and it touches on sexual assault, sexual assaults in the University of Ibadan, causes of sexual assaults in the University of Ibadan, the University’s provisions as regards sexual harassment, the Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill at the Senate, and potential solutions to sexual assaults in the University of Ibadan.

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The Colours Amidst Us

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What Remote Learning Does To Your Health

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