Is Inclusivity For Special Students Too Much To Ask For?

By: Sonaike Peter In a candid reflection on campus life, Biola Funwonton, a hearing impaired final-year student of Special Education, speaks about the pervasive inequality faced by students with disabilities.  Without emotions, despite an initial hesitation due to heedless frequent media engagements to the plight, Biola revealed the stark challenges, […]

Fees Through the Roof – Students’ Anthem

By: Sonaike Peter Envision a world devoid of education — a nation with an education sector in paralysis should shutter through your mind. The mere thought should conjure images of darkness, regression, underdevelopment, and crises, blooming over the country. “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to […]

Old Anthem Turns New: What Uites Have To Say

By: Abdulrasheed Olokoto & Ugor Benedict Either as a breath of fresh air or intent against former military Head of State and President Olusegun Obasanjo, it is no longer news that Nigeria on Wednesday, 29th of May, 2024 reverted to its old anthem, ‘Nigeria, We Hail Thee’. The old anthem […]

Analysis – How Indy Hall Legislative Council Arrived at Levying a Fine of #5,000 on Administrator General for Mismanagement?

By: Aduwo Ayodele Tuesday, 7th May, 2024 Plenary Sitting The plenary sitting of the Legislative Council, Great Independence Hall of Residence, University of Ibadan, on Tuesday, 7th of May, 2024, culminated into a debate, following the uncovering of a claim that the Administrator General of the hall, Samuel Ogunremi, refused […]

Navigating Opay Charges: Are Merchants Benefitting or Burdening Students?

By Ayeye Toluwalope According to investopedia, financial technology (fintech) describes new technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services.  They help businesses and individuals easily access and manage their finances and make financial decisions and transactions online, or digitally. Various fintech projects have taken […]