Fees Must Fall

There has been a surge in tuition for both new and returning students at the University of Ibadan, causing much fear and unrest among the student body. Students, lecturers, and other stakeholders have responded significantly noting that the increment is an unhidden attempt to commodify and commercialize education – to […]

The Die Is Cast: ‘Aluta Continua’

‘Alea iacta est’. Those were the exact words Julius Caesar uttered in 49BC after crossing the Rubicon River, signaling his intent to wage war against Pompey. There was no turning back, he declared. As students return into the University gate this new session, this turn of words should echo around. […]

On The Mismanagement Of School Resources

On the 19th of September. 2023, An electrical mishap occurred in Queen Idia Hall, University of Ibadan. Thankfully, the accident narrowly avoided becoming a full-blown fire. A lightbox in one of the rooms started emanating sparks, which persisted for about 3 hours. Concerned for their safety, one of the residents […]

Editorial – Transitioning, IndyPress as a Striking Example

The Press is an integral part of the University of Ibadan community. Its cardinal position, among other components, has been to play a set of missionary roles, focused on informing the University community about newsworthy developments, exposing the high-handedness of student leaders, upholding the tenuous balance of democracy as much […]

Mr. AG, When Will Your Plans See the Light of Day?

It’s been a short session in the University of Ibadan. Most students are still adjusting to the eleven weeks of lectures as opposed to the usual 13 weeks that most are used to. This could be a tangible excuse for most public office holders in this institution including the current […]

UI’SU: A Town Hall, Different?

The Thursday, February 17 town hall meeting was not the first of its kind in the recent history of the Students’ Union. It might not be the last. But, in a bid to provide an answer to the uncomfortable question if it was the adequate answer to the inadequacies posed […]

On Indy Hall’s Floor Representatives: Between the Good and the Practically Nonexistent

“Representation without responsibility is a facade, promising unity but delivering discord.” Anonymous.   Hostel life constitutes a distinctive chapter in the journey of students, bearing significant influence on both their academic pursuits and personal development. Amidst the dynamic ambiance of communal living, the presence of floor representatives emerges as pivotal. […]

53 Years On, Kunle Adepeju Roams

“… establishing the historical context, connecting the intersection, and restating the need for the ideological repositioning of the Students’ Union.” Background Last Thursday, the 1st of February, the remembrance of Kunle Adepeju, was for the student community at the University of Ibadan a rare occasion to revisit an occurrence, which […]