UI Students' Union swearing in

UI Students’ Union: Toothless Bulldogs?

Views: 283 John ‘Dare Okafor Photo Credit: Edugist The UI Students’ Union, which was proscribed by the then Vice-chancellor, Prof. Abel  Idowu Olayinka, was reinstated during the 2018/2019 academic session by the same Vice-Chancellor. On the 17th of December 2019, a new set of Union executives was inaugurated after an […]

the sociopolitical space in Nigeria

Teach Them, But Will They Learn?

Views: 175 Habeeb Abdul Maybe it’s just us, or you have heard the story: a dark-skinned young man was walking on the street when he got stopped, beaten, and robbed by men, who, though not exactly dark, were dressed up in black. No? Never? Then this one: a community was […]

Fists, not Wits

Views: 342 What you’re about to read is a collation of quotes and personal comment on the (mis)use of power with swipes aimed at the corrupt nature of power and at the far end is what power ought to be but failed to represent. Please take your time to read. […]

In Defense Of The Union

Views: 251 Ever since the heartbreaking events of the last semester which led to the suspension of the Students’ Representative Council and the leadership of the Students’ Union, the fourth estate of the realm – the Union of Campus Journalists – has taken it upon itself to advocate for the […]