A Snoozing Union: Lessons From The Congress

By: Emmanuel Utibe It is the early hours of the day and ripping the air are several alarms, sounding from different rooms on campus that there is an urgency to wake up and start the day if he/she would like to meet up and do the things they are expected […]

Constitution Review: Things To Be Set Right Part II

By: Emmanuel Utibe Last time out, we took time to look at the process of constitution review which had been initiated by the current Indy Hall assembly during their last plenary sitting. We saw the speaker acting in line with what he said during the inaugural sitting when he told […]

Setting Aside Nuances In UI’SRC Hallowed Chamber

By: Emmanuel Utibe If there is a unique and defining feature of democracy that makes it spectacular, it is the distinctive separation of the legislative arm of government. The people’s ability to elect those strictly representing their interests in governance, while also retaining power to make society-guiding laws on their […]