University of Ibadan fresher

Words to a Lover: For the Days When I’d Seem Powerless

for those times,
when the radiance of your smile
will be tempted to go dim by some notches —
when the sun will smile less happily
because its favourite reflector seeks respite;
those times,
when that which you go through
will seem too much to hold in your veins…
in such cloudy moments,
may my words never fail to find you.
and even in their simplest forms,
or in their chameleonic state,
may they hold in the one hand a lighter,
and in the other a pair of scissors:
to trim the fraying wicker,
and kiss the lighter’s base to the wicker’s tip;
that the fires in your cheeks may burn once more,
and your smile — that it may spread again,
with the sun watching
and smiling contentedly.
Li’l Allawonder

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