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Whoever is Faithful in Little Things, Will Also Be Faithful with Much: An Appraisal of Indy Hall Floor Reps (Part 1)

By: Kelvin Omachonu

“In my first year at the University of Ibadan, as I climbed up the stairs to my new abode in C63, I was faced with uncertainties. Are the toilets fine? How do I secure my belongings? Will there be adequate power supply on my floor? However, a few minutes after I got to my room, a young man walked up to me and introduced himself as the floor representative, then we had a conversation. After speaking to him, I knew I would be fine.”

This is not an attempt to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, rather, it is a solemn bid to assess the representatives of each floor in the Great Independence Hall. It is over 18 months since the last set of elections were held in the hall. After a protracted break due to the Covid-19 outbreak and an unending ASUU strike, the University opted for an online means of learning. This made sure that most of the elected officials, especially the floor representatives, would have to wait for some time to resume their duties.

However, in June, the school management decided to take a U-turn on their decision to go virtual. This year’s allocation of rooms took quite a novel method, as most of the freshers were allocated to A Block. With this knowledge, one would expect that the floor representatives on A Block would readily be on their toes to tend to the freshers and help some of them with their issues. Did this happen? Did the floor representatives rise to their duties of keeping the floor in good shape and fostering peace and unity among floor members? Let’s find out: here is an inquest into the performance of the A-Block floor reps.


Mr Olaoye was co-opted into the house because there was no floor representative for A1 (probably because no box room is attached to the post). However, the 100-level student has tended to his duties quite diligently.

After speaking to some members of the floor, most of them expressed their satisfaction with their representative’s performance, they also stated that whenever they lodged complaints with him, he responded promptly. Nice one, Mr Olaoye; you have shown that you can do well in small things.


It would not be out of place to omit Mr Lamidi’s name when the names of floor reps in the Great Independence Hall are mentioned, as the A2 floor representative has gone AWOL. It is even more outrageous that the legislative house has done nothing to curtail his usual absence.

On getting to A2, we spoke to some of the occupants of the floor (mostly freshers) and they all iterated that the only floor representative they knew was Mr Olaoye of C1; they didn’t even know that they were supposed to have a floor representative.

“Wow, so we actually have a floor rep too?  I’ve never seen anyone on this floor that told me that he is the floor rep,” Ayomide a 100-level student said. They also lamented that whenever they had complaints about a pressing issue, they had to report to the Administrator-General, as they do not have any other channel to go through.

There is also no proper means of information dissemination, as A2 does not have a WhatsApp group, an initiative often deployed by many floor representatives.

Hon. Lamidi Sir, even if you do not stay in school, staying in touch with the people that are supposed to be under your care should not be a Herculean task for you. After all, you bought and filled the election form of your own freewill, and not under duress.


For many of the occupants of A3 that do not know their floor representative, be pleased to know that you are blessed to have the Speaker of the Great Independence Hall Legislative Assembly as your representative.

However, it is certain that few occupants of A3 would jump for joy at this little form of enlightenment. Hon. Adegoke hasn’t gone about his duties with dexterity. Most members of A3 do not know that Mr Adegoke is their representative. As a matter of fact, the only person who was aware that Hon. Adegoke is their representative is a 300-level student; all the 100-level students approached were not aware.

We also got a lot of complaints; some of the occupants complained about unfixed bulbs, while some complained about the toilet. “There is no light in the bathroom,” Joshua, a 100-level student complained. They also mentioned that there was no proper means of disseminating information, as they do not have a WhatsApp group.

It is a shame that Rt. Hon. Speaker Sir hasn’t performed his duties to the best of his ability. Shall we then say that Rt. Hon. Speaker does not know his duties? If the head and expected role model for floor representatives is this lackadaisical and unconcerned about the welfare and good of the people he is representing, can we blame members of his proclaimed hallowed chambers?


Hon. Daniel has conducted himself in an honourable manner. On a visit to A4, none of the floor occupants complained about their representative. They rather stated that for them, they’ve had no issue whatsoever.

They also explained that whenever they have issues with water supply, they run to him. Likewise, the occupants said the lighting on their floor is perfect, and the toilets are always properly cleaned. You’ve done a great job Hon. Daniel, you’ve shown that you might do well with much.

Asides from responsibilities as members of Independence Hall Assembly, floor representatives owe it to their floor members to ensure the floor is in the best of conditions, and that things work perfectly, or humanly so. They are expected to be the closest to hall officer to the occupants of their floor; thus, it is expedient that they disseminate information and also find a way of fostering peace, unity, and brotherliness – a sense of unity and Katangaism among floor members. For it is virtually impossible for the hall executive council to do that as perfectly as the floor representatives. You are the first link between the student and the hall; why is the link rusty and disconnected? Why have you failed to cater to your constituencies? It goes beyond donning native attire and claiming, “I am Hon. Tamedo, representing the good people of A5 constituency.” Which good people? Do these people even know you?

For those who have done well, we say more grease to your elbow, and for those who have flattered to deceive.

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