The Baton Has Been Passed: The Race Continues!

“When you run a part of the relay and pass on the baton, there is no sense of unfinished business in your mind. There is just the sense of having done your part to the best of your ability. That is it. The hope is to pass on the baton to someone who will run faster and run a better marathon.’’ – N.R Narayana Murthy

In life, changes in circumstances are never fixed, but perpetual. Except one has sighed his last, changes, good or bad, are bound to happen. Though difficult, many times, it is also for the best. At Indy Press Organization, we are at a point where change is not only necessary, but statutory.

The 23rd of January, 2020, is an epoch in the progression of the organization. We witnessed the handing over of from erstwhile Editor-in-Chief, Chidera Anushiem, to now outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Theophilus Femi Alawonde who steered the organization from a pandemic to audacious achievements. In these two eras, Indy Press has extended its impact within and beyond the university community.

Theophilus Alawonde’s administration, which is the 36th of our Organization, has in the past one year and ten months maintained old standards and raised them higher. Without doubt, our uncompromising attitude to standards has been an emblem since the 14th of February 1984, when Indy Press was founded.

In retrospect, the organization has also maintained its reputation for exploits in the field of journalism – a relentless voice for the voiceless; watchdog on the corridors of power; and an ever active resident of the fourth estate. The question always goes: What is it about Indy Press that makes it unique? In answering, different people offer varying perspectives; but one thing is certain about us: We are consistent in bearing the truth, for according to our motto, ‘conscience is an open wound and only the truth can heal it.’

Apart from achieving a high level of consistency and dedication towards a common goal, Indy Press Organization, in the past one year and ten months, has also earned remarkable achievements to her name. On October 2nd, 2020, the out-going Editor-in-Chief, Theophilus Femi Alawonde was awarded the Most Outstanding in Campus Journalism as awarded by JCI FOPA. As an organisation, Indy Press bagged these awards in the just concluded UCJUI award ceremony: Best Editorial (an award coming home in the longest of time); Best Hall Press Organisation and Overall Best Press Organization (both awards has been won three years concurrently).

Members of the organization were also not left out in recognition, as there was at least an Indy Press member in 9 out of 12 in the UCJUI individual nomination category.  The following categories of award were won by individual members of the organisation; Best Features Writer; Best Political Writer; Best Satirical Writer; Most Promising Campus Journalist of the Year; Best Graduating Editor-in-Chief; Best Campus Journalist. These awards are testaments to hard work and most importantly, a call to do more.

Members of the outgoing Editorial Board Members have run an admirable race; the crowd cheers louder, and the hearts of our Editors beat wildly as they pass the baton to new members of the Board. Now the standard has been raised, expectations are high, contestants are more and we have a lower margin for error. It is time to continue; our feet energized and our eyes focused as Indy Press bears the touch of truth.

But we will not have ended well if we do not recognise you, our esteemed reader. For in your absence, there’s no Indy Press. Your feedback has pushed us to do better and aim for the best; you have kept us afloat through raging storms, and we are more than grateful to have you around. Thank you for sticking with us, we don’t take you for granted.

Till next session, stay safe and rise above waters.

Members of the new Editorial Board:

John ‘Dare Okafor – Editor-in-Chief

Emmanuel Ilesanmi – Managing Editor

Toluwalope Ayeye – General Editor

Habeeb Abdul – Features Editor

Timileyin Precious – Political Editor

Abdulrahman Adebayo – News Editor

Pelumi Adeniyi – Arts/Entertainment Editor

Kelvin Omachonu – Sports Editor

All Correspondences should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief (07034849211)


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