Whoever Is Faithful In Little Things, Will Also Be Faithful With Much: An Appraisal Of Indy Hall Floor Reps (Part 3)


By: Omachonu Kelvin

In previous series, we examined the performances of both A and B-block floor reps. It was a case of mixed realities in both blocks; while some floor reps were up and doing attending to their duties, some were ghosts clothed in human flesh – their presence was never felt. This inquest into the performance of the floor reps ends this week with C-block, and it is surprisingly wonderful tales from the Aro zone of the great Katanga republic.

Due to the current circumstances surrounding this session, C-block has become the hub of mostly staylites and finalists in the hall and as such, the attention and duties of the floor reps would partially be reduced to a minimum. However, issues like prompt cleaning of the toilets, lighting, and floor co-ordination would be a major bane.


C1- Ajenifuja Toluwalase

Hon. Ajenifuja has tended to his duties quite brilliantly. No candidate contested for the position last session, however, Hon Afenifuja was co-opted into the house by the hall’s legislative council. Taking over the helms of affairs, this floor-rep has put up a good show. The toilets are regularly cleaned, the lighting on the floor is still in a very good condition, and information dissemination towards occupants on the floor has been top notch. Most of his floor members testified to the brilliance of Hon. Afenifuja with respect to the way he carries them along. He is also an ever present character, as he is always available for issues concerning his floor.

A well done job deserves praise, and it wouldn’t be out of place to say that Hon. Afenifuja deserves it all.

C2- Ogungbure Lonimi

Hon. Ogungbure has been brilliant in his duties, there has been little or no issues since he took over this session. However, some floor members complained that on some occasions, the toilets were not properly cleaned. However, they stated that asides that, he has worked quite well. Upon enquiry, some floor members recognized the presence of a WhatsApp group for floor members to help with information dissemination. They also stated that Hon. Ogungbure is an ever present figure on his floor, as he is always ready to relate to members of his constituency. However, there is the issue of poor lighting, as there are no bulbs in the Bathrooms and toilets.

Nonetheless, Hon. Ogungbure has done his job quite efficiently, albeit, a few issues abound and there’s always room to make improvement.


C3- Hon. Ibrahim

Hon. Ibrahim has also had a good stay in the position of floor rep. The 200 level student has been up and doing since the beginning of the semester. In comparison to some of the ghosts in A-block and B-block, Hon. Ibrahim has been very available for members of his floor, albeit, not everyone. A few members of his floor stated that some of them had seen him on few occasions, but they didn’t know he was their floor rep. On quizzing Hon. Ibrahim, he explained that some of the floor members recently moved in, and as such, it was almost impossible to keep tabs on them. However, he stated that there is a functioning WhatsApp group, and as the time of questioning, he was in the process of adding them.

Also, the constant pollution of the toilets is an issue that needs to be sorted out, the stench emanating from the toilets on the east wing of the floor leaves much to be desired, could leave one in a limbo. When quizzed about these issues, he explained that he was fully aware of the current state of the toilets, and he has made consistent to speak to the porters and the hall supervisors. He also stated that they had been on the floor to check the toilet on several occasions, but nothing concrete had come out of their checks.

Hon. Ibrahim also made us aware that he had made several attempts to end the poor hygiene culture of some members of his floor, he state that he had  conversations with some members of his floor, he also said that he printed flyers to make his floor members aware of the need to maintain proper hygiene. Whilst the hygiene issue has also been a problem, the lighting on the floor has also been poor. Most parts of the floor have poor lighting, the toilets have also been left without lights.

C4- Hon. Oseni Ridwan

Hon. Oseni’s performance has also been good, as he got into the thick of things pretty early being the first person to get on his floor. Despite a majority of his floor members being staylites, he has been up and doing with his activities. Most of the floor members are aware of his presence, while only a few are not aware that he is the floor rep.

However, Hon. Oseni is always available to members of his constituency, most of them stated that they had spoken to Hon. Oseni on few occasions. There is also a functional WhatsApp group on the floor where important information are usually passed across.

Earlier on, members of his floor complained about the constant pollution of the toilets on the floor, and he did not waste any time to ensure that the issue was solved. Being that the floor reps were never given any allocation, he tasked each floor member to pay a little sum which was used to procure padlocks, while ensured that each member of his constituency was in control of whoever used their toilets at every occasion.

There was also the issue of dangling wires earlier in the semester, mainly complaint from floor members; however, the issue was solved in no time. There is still the issue of poor lighting on some areas of the floor, there are also no lights in the bathrooms and toilets.

There was also the case of theft on his floor in late September, and the case is yet to be settled. However Hon. Oseni has not performed badly, as he has tended to his duties with some level of responsibility. C-block floor reps have performed quite well, however some minor details may have cost them. Still, their performances still deserve plaudits.

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