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Why We Made An Ibadan Man You-High’s VC – Sin-Ate

Details have emerged about why the sin-ate of Ibadan-based University, You-high, decided to appoint an Ibadan man, Balogun Kajewole Adeifokanbale of the Oloogun ruling House, as the next Vice-chancellor of the University. Recall that the race to select the next fi-si of the institution, which began several months ago, has been devoid of controversies, as expected of an institution that awards degrees based on character, except for a couple of skirmishes like allegation of malpractices and cancellation of electoral process.

A deep dive by our correspondent, Eyekeye, revealed that the weirdly recognized sin-ate body of the university took time before making an official announcement that an Ibadan man has been appointed because of fears that it might be deemed unfair to Ijebu and Egba people. Multiple sources, placed in offices where beards are not required, also confirmed to our correspondent that the decision to pick an Ibadan-man was locally reached at the taken tamed building of the institution.

As the news that an Ibadan man has been appointed the next fi-si of You-high began to gain wind, our correspondent also took to the winds to find out why. “Ibadan is home to many firsts; first University, first stadium, first teaching hospital, first dualised road, first housing estate, first this, first that,” our source began happily. He went further, “So considering the smooth process leading up to the appointment of the new fi-si, the council decided that it is only fair if it sets its own first by appointing an Ibadan man as the first Ibadan Proofu to become a fi-si.” Attempts by our reporter to reach the current philosopher acting as the fi-si, Professor Ekanna proved abortive, however a source very close to his ribs explained to this reporter that he was satisfied with the decision because he and the new fi-si hailed from the same Agboole.

“Of course, the VC is glad. Have you forgotten he is an Ibadan man,” the source, who asked not to be named, said. “In fact I must tell you this: Prof Ekanna was not interested in the race but he decided to join just to increase the chances of an Ibadan man emerging,” the source added.

When contacted, the siarman of the Central Council of Intelligent Ibadan Indigenes, CCIII, Bashorun Mogaji Amofin, stated that the decision is the best the Sin-ate has made since it was created. When asked if this does not take away merit from the race, the siarman placed the gourd of palm wine in his hand beside his kusin siar and said, “No no no no no. As a matter of fact, it is a reaffirmation of the merit that You-high stands for.”

“My friend, you might be too young to know this but I would educate you. Our forefathers would say, he who owns the land owns the property on top. The land You-high seats belong to our ancestors. The fact that an Ibadan man has never been a fi-si on top of that land is nothing but daylight sitin.”

He added that once the appointment of an Ibadan man as the VC is announced, the Olubadan has plans to extend the land of the University in multiple folds. “It’s a show of appresiation,’ he added, smiling.



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