Innovation among University of Ibadan students

No Vaccination, No Accommodation – UI Committee of Hall Wardens’

In a meeting of committee of University of Ibadan Hall Wardens’ on Wednesday, 24th of November 2021, it was decided upon that only students vaccinated against Covid-19 will be considered for accommodation next session.

In an internal memorandum from the Dean of Students, Prof. I.A Abiona to the Vice-Chllancelor, Prof. Kayode Adebowale, as regards vaccination of University of Ibadan Students against Covid-19, it was stated that the response rate is poor and there’s a time limit for the exercise. It was further stated that vaccination provisions has also been made for students, both on campus and off campus; likewise, Distant Learning Students.

The office of the Dean of Students have thereby sought for an approval from the Vice- Chancellor, based on the recommendation of the Committee of Wardens’ that only students vaccinated be given accommodation next session in view of health implications for all students and staff.

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