Indy Press Holds Virtual Get Together For Alumni Network

The Great Independence hall Press Organization has held the first ever virtual get-together for its alumni network.

During the event, which took place on Sunday 2nd January, members of the alumni network took turn to relay their past experience as members of the Local Press Organization.

Speaking during the event, an alumnus, Dr. Bayo Ajala, spoke extensively about the series of events that led to the creation of the Union of Campus Journalists UI, through pioneer members of IndyPress during his days.

Dr. Ajala, who served as the first president of UCJ UI, also spoke on the privileges and hurdles that come with being a campus journalist, and specifically an IndyPress member.

Members of the alumni network jointly urged the new Editorial board led by John Dare Okafor to perform better than the immediate past administration led by Theophilus Alawonde and in turn sustain the legacy of the organization as the best press organisation in the University.

The virtual get-together ended with John presenting the urgent needs of the organization to the alumni members present.The event was attended by multiple past and present members of the organization.

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