How the Big Boys Plan for the New Session

By: Daniel Echoda

The month of February is a month of love, so they say, and as a big boy on campus, by now you should have your plans strategically laid down accordingly. Although, UI almost spoilt those plans when they popped up the ’’Book of Life’’ on the first day of the love month. Can you imagine?  They released this sacred book just as you were thinking of what to do for your bae — as a boo of life; UI lecturers didn’t show love even in the month of love.

My friend, you must now put yourself together because nothing seriously happened, and Valentine ’s Day is closer than ever and as a big boy, you need not let your guard down; only small boys worry about something insignificant as that. Never allow your oversabi classmates who have already started reading course materials make you to lose focus or feel intimidated, you still have so much time to do everything. This is just the second week of the semester, and reading the little you can everyday does not necessarily matter, what matters is that you are now a big boy and you must behave as one.

As a stalite, there is no point staying light of the many activities that affected your academic performance the previous session. Even though you couldn’t 4-point any of your courses, don’t waste your time planning to 4-point any of them now, focus on the babes – four at least – for the culture. That is what the big boys do!

As you resume, get ready; don’t allow any social event on campus to pass you by this session. Prepare for more this year: events and parties that people don’t necessarily attend because they want to read for one worthless exam or test, make sure you don’t miss any. It should be a bumper to bumper this time around. A sign that you are a big boy is that you never miss even the shows and events that doesn’t concern you.

Forget the fact that you have an opportunity to work on the areas you didn’t do well last session, your plan now should be about upgrading yourself as a big boy. The goal this session is to do more – more chills, more babes, more partying, nothing else matters but more! From Queens to Awo, make sure you prove yourself as the king of many queens and stay woke!

For exam, there is no point reading. You begin the session with cruise, then you catch more cruise as it progresses, and when test or exam finally comes, you read a night before. Soft! What can Tsunami even do to you? The highest that could happen to your UI status in the next month of love, is that it might become the month you are sent away from the University of Ibadan. Nothing serious!

Do not make the mistake of getting yourself get carried away with anything that would help your academics and future. Everybody knows, school na scam! Don’t think otherwise, the goal is to bam bam, and to chill as a big boy!

Finally, as you go about chilling as a big boy, don’t forget to always pepper your friends on Insta Story and WhatsApp Status with lot of images and videos of you chilling. The babes need to see that there is fund, and the guys need to know that you are not on their level. That is how big boys roll!

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