FATSSSA UI Celebrates Freshers’ Welcome

By Ajadi Sodiq 

On the 5th of November, 2022, the Faculty of  The Social Sciences hosted her freshers’  welcome party for the newly admitted set of  2021/2022 students, coming after the protracted strike action which lasted eight months. 

The event which took place at the Faculty’s Car Park started at 4 pm, after the arrival of students from various departments under the Faculty. 

The event had face painting, DJ playing, and dancing as it featured an invitation of different musicians Acheezy, CeeZay, Bad_Man Filo, and many others. 

Experiencing power failure in the course of the event, the Faculty’s President,  Chukwuma Kingsley expressed his unreserved apology. The use of a sound system was employed as an improvisation. 

“I’ve told the invited guest not to bother to come again, because of the electricity interruption” the Faculty President. Chukwuma Kingsley said. While laying claim that the invited guests were Faculty Presidents within the  University. 

The party regained its vibes at 6:23 pm when the Faculty Executives provided an alternative electricity supplier (generator) for the party. Appreciating the leadership of the Faculty for organizing such an event, students experienced their general satisfaction with its success. 

“Yeah, it was the best. I really enjoyed myself, I gave GBAM to the committees of the freshers’ welcome party. They did so well.” Odunayo a student from the department of psychology who spoke with an Indy Press correspondent gave her remark.  

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