Indy Hall Scrutinized Budget Gets Approval

On Friday, 4th November 2022,  a total of #851,917 was presented by the Indy Hall Executive Council as the scrutinized budget for the  2021/2022 academic session. Detailing the expenses of both the  Executive and Legislative council,  the scrutinized budget as obtained by Indy Press showed an analysis of the estimated expenditure by the two existing councils of the Hall. 

Consequently, the under-listed amounts were approved for the respective offices  in the Hall, following vetting; 

  • N257, 620 was approved for the office of the AG. 
  • N93, 135 was approved for the office of the Secretary of State.
  • For the office of the Public Relations Officer, a sum of N27, 300 was approved. – N59, 955 was approved for the office of the House Secretary. – The office of the Finance Commissioner got N37, 170. 
  •  For the office of the Health Commissioner, a sum of N33, 684 was approved. – N65, 363 was approved for the office of the Defense Commissioner. – Finally, the office of the Sports Commissioner got N31, 340. 

Also, a pre-budget expenditure of #4,500 was detailed for the Legislative council, with a grand total of #191,780 presented as its budget-proper for the academic year. 

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