Floor Representatives Occupy Vacant Indy Legislative Seats

By Aduwo Ayodele

The Great Independence Hall  Legislative Council on Friday, 4th  November ratified four names as new Floor Representatives to occupy the vacant legislative seat. With the parliamentary sitting held at the Junior Common Room, Indy Hall, new Honorable members were invested with the mandate to relive the constituted duties, as provided for in the Hall’s constitution. 

Following a moment of scrutiny, the candidates for the Legislative Council seats clarified their intentions and self-drive. The Honourable Members of the parliament howbeit voted in Gabriel Bamikarere, Fagbamila Joseph, Bello Idris, and Olojede Blessing to represent A3, C3, C4, and D respectively.

The House however disqualified the initial declaration of interest by a candidate, identified as ‘Peter Nwaga’ who was absent for unknown reasons at the third plenary session. Subsequently, from the recommendation of the  Executives to the Legislative Council, two members, Afeez Abdusalam and  Osuntoki Oluwadamilare were co-opted and sworn in as members of the  Hall Assembly. 

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