Indy Hall’s Football Legacy in Unsteady Glass Hands 

Over the years, the Great Independence Hall has lost not just the washed paint on its thick walls, but some of the characteristics that make the hall one to reckon with at the University of Ibadan. Independence Hall has produced some fine footballers in the past, most of who go on to stamp their authority in the school team. Adams, Nubzy, Ebele, Pogba,  Boluwatife, Ozil, Ronaldo, J-Sam Eyitayo, and Michael King have all made an impact on the school team in recent years. Even currently, the hall boasts of at least five players on the school team. 

But one thing is clear, as the years have gone on, the quality of players has also dwindled. The quality of football has been on a steady decline. Recall that Indy Hall lost out to Bello in the first round of the last Inter Hall competition. Well, it doesn’t seem like that is going to improve anytime soon. 

Despite the below-par performance from the stalites, the freshers were too poor to take advantage. In past editions, the Freshers always gave the stalites something to worry about, they even showed glimpses of intelligence. However,  this year, the quality of the football was watered down. 

They struggled with their ball control, they could barely string passes together,  and there was hardly any moment of brilliance, even the few lucky chances that they had, they were too profligate to convert. There were complaints that the timing was unfavourable, as some of their best legs would be in class, but the excuse does not hold water. 

The freshers relied way too much on their physicality- which failed to yield results in the end. The Hall’s best legs would leave at the end of this session, and players would be needed to fill the spaces, but judging by the quality seen in Friday’s game, it is clear that Independence Hall’s football legacy could be trampled upon in the nearest future. 

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