Katangite Bursts Into Tears Watching Manchester United’s  Game 

By theBOBBYjay 

Football is the very sport that makes grown men weep, abandon valentine’s dates to see a UCL game,  delve into uncalled-for mood swings, and a host of others. Being a true fan requires a certain level of emotional maturity and firewall. Things can change rather drastically from match to match, season to season even in split seconds. The adrenaline rush and excitement of a big win, the damning lows of an excruciating defeat and even watching your favorite player kick the ball for the last time in his retirement game can all usher in the floodgates of tears(God forbid the day CR7 and Leo Messi do this comes). 

Still on topic, coming down to the incident that happened in the Junior Common  Room of the Great Independence Hall on Sunday the 6th of November, 2022. As  Jacob Ramsey put the last of Aston Villa’s 3 goals past David De Gea, a stream of strained noise broke out from the back belonging to Ayoleke Oreoluwa from the department of Physiology as he began to dish out insults and curses to the players of his beloved Manchester United particularly the man donning the referred club’s jersey seven. With beads of tears trickling down his already raged eyes and his angered voice,  he went on “this Ronaldo guy no suppose dey start for my team, very useless, he’s the one killing us. All these stupid Dalot and Bruno go dey find am all the time. This ETH  too went to start Van de Beek, someone that should be in Swansea city, he no even good reach Fred’s right leg. One touch football isonu” 

Talking to other football fans there on Ore’s outburst, Samueldowsky from A-block said “he dishes out more than he can take; he loves to make jest of other teams but when it’s his club he just can never take it. Weakling”. His very close friend Kunmi from the department of Human nutrition and dietetics said “I know him and he devotes too much of his time to that club and he shouldn’t. In fact, he should not expect anything from them in the next 7-10 years. All they can win him is tears and probably  hypertension” 

The Indy Hall JCR will continually be the best spot to watch football in this institution.  The bants, jests, or more popularly done “Otee” from serial jesters like Israel, SCOTT  P, Bobby Jay, Mojeeb, Deco, Kunmi, and the rest of the clique just never ceases. 

Football is an absolutely lovely sport but the moment it starts to get to you and you burst into tears like Ore, you just have to fix up. 

PS: That fan with his shirt always off and the loudest voice during Manchester United’s games is Ore; arguably their biggest supporter in the University of Ibadan.

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