The Freshmen’s Guide to Sports in UI (Part 1)

Lawal Damilare 

Dear Freshmen, 

The shege of the past few weeks I can assure you with utmost conviction is just the tip of the iceberg the next couple of years entail(ceteris paribus ASUU).  Welcome to the prestigious University of  Ibadan once again.  The pressure is unreal and bodes to keep piling up. Tales have been told by your family, friends, and even seniors on the need to read like there’s no tomorrow else the free-flowing waters of tsunami flood you away (if you’re scared right now, you are not wrong). 

As one who has carved a niche for himself here over the years, I can tell you there’s more to life than jacking. You need an extracurricular to keep your sanity here! In the age that’s emphasized mental health more than every other generation combined,  there’s a place for reading, one for business, another for academics, and probably one for partying but most importantly there should be an allocation for sports. Bar the obvious joy it entails, sports carry immense health benefits. 

Now football is probably at the heart of sports, arguably the most popular one but that doesn’t negate the fact there are tons of others out there. As the big brother I  am, here’s a list of events you can get into in this institution as you try to find your footing my dearest lads and lasses. 


The terror, excruciating pains, breaking of bones, and the noise you thought about right now definitely scare you I know but calm down. In the glorious words of famed martial artist Chris Wamond, “imagine every child learned the respect, courtesy, and the discipline that martial arts teaches, the world be a better place”. Let’s honor  Michael Jackson and the 44 other stars on the cast of We’re the world by doing just that. That established you could try out:


The Judo club of Unibadan has had its standing for the better part of 2 decades,  currently, under the tutelage of Prince S.O Aloba, the club has produced national champions in the NUGA games and Nigeria sports festival over the years. With the women’s team most recently carting out bronze medals and several laurels at the just concluded NUGA games. The aim of the sport is to teach self-defense and competitive Judo. 

Speaking to one of the Judokers in the person of Olushola Ibukun, stated “judo is an awesome sport, it helps train the IQ, body, and mind as well as boost confidence” The UI judo club currently trains at the Gabriel Olasode gym beside social sciences. 


Like Judo it focuses on mental development. It literally spells the art of hand and foot.  It teaches techniques for defending oneself. It is a combination of physical and mental discipline and can be practiced by any age group or gender. The UI team trains opposite Sultan Bello Hall, close to the squash department. 



The team currently trains at the SUB pitch cricket pavilion. Captained by the versed  Emmanuel Enyi who recently ranked 2nd in the “Dynamite opens tourney”  effectively covered by the guardian papers. The team boasting the likes of Ganiyu  Olabode of the department of Human nutrition and dietetics, Wuraola Olanrewaju,  Gbadamosi Ahmed, and many others on its roster is currently recruiting as they look forward to grooming the next set of word gurus in the University of Ibadan. 


You’ve seen the Queen’s Gambit right? Anyways the game of chess is one for intellectual minds, demanding rigorous work power from the thinking faculty.  Currently suffered by Coach Ariyo and skippered by Osigbe Precious, a top-rated player who finished 5th in a ranked tournament in March 2022. The team in general had a decent outing at the last NUGA games. 

The team trains at the Youth Friendly Center and plays regularly at the Zik hall cafeteria bagging a bronze medal along the way. 

If you still couldn’t find one that’s worthy of your interest, Hakuna Matata, stay tuned for more picks in next week’s piece.

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