Sports is not a Do-Or-Die Affair — Understand Your Body

Over the years, participation in sports continue to increase in numbers. Despite the joy and immense health benefits it carries, it also ushers in scary, damaging, and life-ending injuries. Regardless of improved health care and technology, head injuries, cardiac arrests, ligament tears, muscle spasms and pulls amongst others occur from time to time.

The tears on the face of the wife of Christian Eriksen and his Danish teammates as he suffered a horrible heart attack during the last Euros were a sight for sore eyes. Abdelhak Nouri landed in a coma after a head injury in a pre-season game for Ajax and is still in recovery. 15-year-old Kent Yamazki collapsed while training for a tennis tournament in Nepal in 2020. Most recently, rumours made into the media that French defender Lucas Hernandez will consider retiring after the third anterior cruciate ligament tear of his career aged just 26.

The following are some tips to adopt whilst prepping for your favorite sport:

  • Eat, drink and sleep properly before games.
  • Warm up and warm down before taking part in events.
  • Always stay hydrated.
  • Don’t ignore or play through pain.
  • Go easy on alcohol or stay sober as a sportsman.
  • Exercise regularly and be physically active.
  • Go for a proper check-up from time to time.
  • Take multivitamin supplements.
  • Limit sugary beverages and carbonated drinks.
  • Take a lot of fruit.

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