Students’ Eco-friendly Center Tasks Students on Conserving Energy

By: Aduwo Ayodele

A non-governmental organization, Students’ Eco-Friendly Center, University of Ibadan on Wednesday, 14th December 2022 has called on students to efficiently manage energy and be committed to sustainable environmental practices.

World Energy Conservation Day is held every December 14th internationally to raise awareness on environmental issues and in saving energy resources from wasting.

The center at its commemorative event, held at the Students’ Eco-friendly Center Auditorium called on members of the University community to recognize the fragility of the planet, to live responsibly and to appropriate the right behavior to waste management. 

Speaking at the public symposium, the Coordinator of the Center, Dr. Akinyemi Olukemi explained the need to desire eco-friendly changes which would help in taking care of the environment. She urged students to embrace the practice of switching off the lights both at home and at their hostels to ultimately save power usage and incurred cost.

‘’We should learn to conserve what we have. If you look at the population of the country at the moment and the volume of what is being supplied in terms of energy production, we should all educate ourselves on how to conserve what we have, so that it can go round. That is why on a day like this, we should celebrate what we have and work on how to get more, so that we can make the best use of what we have.”

Speaking with Indy Press, a 500L student of Faculty of Law, who double as the President of Energy Club, University of Ibadan, Mr. Ridwan Adeniyi also emphasized on the need for students to embrace energy conservation and utilize power supply.

“We call on students to take responsibility, to make sure they conserve energy to the best of their ability, buy bulbs that are energy efficient and don’t overcharge gadgets, as these things have cost implication” he reemphasized.

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