TLDS UI Rolls Out Plan for Jaw War 2023

By: Emmanuel Utibe

The Literary and Debating Society on Thursday 22nd of December, 2022,  at a press conference held at the African Regional Centre for Information Science, has rolled out plans for the eighth edition of the annual Jaw War competition; much-coveted by many and a month-long yearly knockout oratory contests. 

The forthcoming Jaw War themed “Disruptive Conversations: The African State in Perspective” is slated to start on the 20th of March, 2023 with preliminary rounds for the halls of residence. While Faculty Preliminary round would come up on the 22nd of March 2023, to be followed by the finale which has been slated for April 21, 2023.

In the ensuing press briefing, the President of The Literary and Debating Society, University of Ibadan, Ms. Willam Neyen Victoria assured that her leadership will deliver a successful intervarsity contest.

This, being the 8th edition since its revival in 2014, the competition has grown in quality and intensity and now boasts to be the largest intellectual student event in any university in Nigeria.”

“We are highly committed to building individuals who are leaders of today and tomorrow and would be on the global stage for the future; so we promise to deliver an excellent Jaw War 2023 this year,” the President of the Society said.

The Press briefing also revealed that Jaw War 2023 would feature a slightly expanded inter-faculty group, following the introduction of the new Faculty of Environmental Design and Management, to make it ten (10) Halls of Residences and 16 Faculties to slug out predetermined debate topics.

The following are the ties to be expected in the forthcoming competition:

Queen Idia Hall Vs Independence Hall 

ABH vs Kuti Hall

Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall vs Queen Elizabeth Hall

Lord Tedder Hall vs Awolowo Hall 

Mellanby Hall vs Sultan Bello Hall

For the faculties:

Faculty of Agriculture Vs Faculty of  Education

Faculty of Technology Vs Faculty of Basic Medical sciences

Faculty of Clinical Sciences vs Faculty of  Dentistry

Faculty of Sciences vs Faculty of Art

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine vs Faculty of Environmental Design and Management  


Faculty of Economics vs Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Pharmacy Vs Faculty of Renewable Natural resources 

Faculty of Law vs Faculty of Social Sciences

Also, Jaw War 2023 would be featuring a National Debates Championship which would comprise twenty (20) universities in the preliminary, of which the first seven runner-ups would join the University of Ibadan in the final rounds. 

The press conference had the President TLDS and some other members of the TLDS executive council, Members of the TLDS senate representing their various constituencies, The Vice President (Editorial) of the Union of campus journalists, UI, and representative of local press organisations across UI in attendance.


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