Mixed Reactions of UITES Trails Nigeria 2023 Presidential Elections

By: Aduwo, Ayodele 

Students of the University of Ibadan have expressed mixed reactions following the recently conducted 2023 general election and the emergence of the All Progressives Congress presidential flagbearer, Asíwájú Bola Ahmed Tinubu as  President-elect.

Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) through its Chairman,  Mahmood Yakubu, had in the wee hours of Wednesday, announced the frontrunner of the ruling All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the winner of the keenly contested presidential election, held at the International Collation Centre in Abuja.

In his reaction, Adeosun Silver Olajide, a student of the Faculty of Art noted that the just conducted Presidential election witnessed a shift from the predominant political parties.

“The only change that came to this election is the shift from two-party dominance of the political scene to at least four, which is encouraging.”

Speaking anonymously, another student of the Faculty of Art expressed his dissatisfaction with the entire electoral process and the poor conduct of the Independent National Electoral Commission in some noticeable areas. 

“I wasn’t expecting the best from the election. INEC budgeted a large amount of money but ended up giving us a controversial result coupled with poor services. Other concerns include INEC agents arriving late to the poll centres, and in some cases the use of substandard machines and equipments.”

“I must say it is bad for Nigeria at 60 years for failing to conduct an electronic election, and worse for making the available mode disastrous” he added.

In his own reaction, Jolaade Nas, a student studying Statistics entreated the President-elect to undertake reforms in some sectors of the economy, which would improve the standard and quality of life of every Nigerian. “They cannot solve all. They should rather focus on some sectors and take them to a high level. The next administration will focus on the shortcomings and in years, we will get everything done.”

A student of the Faculty of Social Science who pleaded anonymity noted that ‘’the forthcoming administration should be ample of opportunity to prove itself below or beyond doubt. It is well known that the President-elect certainly if taken by the words from his mouth is going to perform poorly. But I would rather not equate his words with his deeds, because those two are very different. So I will wait and see what he does during his administration.”

Ubani Omokhide, a 100L Classic student in his reaction noted that the election process was ridden with several improper conducts. He described the end route of the entire process as such that has birthed illegitimate victory. “The electoral process was rife with irregularities and a clear violation of the relevant laws in polling units across the country.  These well-documented instances of malpractice, like overvoting, intimidation, and bribery of electoral officers, among others, have secured an illegitimate victory for several candidates.”

Ubani Omokhide has called on sundry individuals, the electoral commission, and the government to redress its shortcomings. “I believe these issues should be addressed promptly, for if we decide to sit around and do nothing, history shall judge us very harshly for our complacency.”

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