In a Puzzle

By: Amazon 

I had deliberately stayed back on campus so I’ll be able to exercise my franchise. Unlike my friend who had to  travel all the way to the country’s capital city to cast his vote; my polling unit is right here in my hall on campus. For the past few days, I’ve been wondering if votes do count in this country. As a first-time voter, I don’t know how I feel exactly with all the drama going on. I can recall a tweet I saw a few hours ago. The tweeter had asked the very valid question “why can’t we just vote electronically in this country and have all the results transmitted automatically before the end of the day?” Another tweeter had replied; “it’s actually possible, but how will they rig it?” This particular tweeter got my attention to the point where I had to check their profile, they had only one picture on their page which I only found after scrolling for minutes and seeing nothing but memes!

My phone beeps, who could that be? I realize it’s a text from an unknown number.

“You didn’t even campaign, you just want me to cast my vote? This is how election riggers move.” Anyway, I’m Ade – and yes, we can talk on the phone.”

Wow! It seems my shot went straight into the net! To think my mind went to her just now. But wait… “I’m Ade”; is that a she or a he? I guess I’ll have to find out. This air of mystery was the same thing that made me scroll on this girl’s page (hopefully, it’s a girl), seeing meme after meme until I saw only one picture. The picture had no caption, but the girl I saw in that picture is the definition of beauty.

“Hello, mystery girl Ade.”

“What’s up, stranger?”; a sweet feminine voice replies. It’s a girl, great!

“I’m a stranger now?”

She laughed and we got talking for minutes. I didn’t even know we had spent so much time on the phone until the call ended just before my airtime got exhausted. I’ve been able to find out some things about her. She is the beautiful young lady I saw in that caption-less picture on her Twitter page, and there are indeed many wonderful things to know and appreciate about her.

Guess who was wishing the break would be longer but is now wishing it will be over as soon as possible? You guessed right. Isn’t it a miracle of some sort that she is a Uite? She won’t be back to school until the break is over, though she plans to vote again next Saturday before returning to school. I can’t wait to meet her in person. Unlike me, she’s in 200 level but she doesn’t seem to mind. I’ll graduate a year before her as I’m studying a 4-year course while she’s enrolled in a 6-year program. I’ve never been happier about studying a 4-year course.

I was jolted out of my reminiscence by some unusual movement outside. I’m the only one in the apartment, Malik won’t be back from Abuja until Sunday. Who could that be? I don’t know what to make out of the movement. There’s silence for a moment, then I can hear the door shake, as though it is being pushed gently from the outside. I quietly picked up a torch and walk stealthily towards the door as the door continues to shake. Obviously, whoever is there is not trying to knock, it seems they are trying to force the door open from the outside without making too much noise or attracting attention from our flatmates. I want to open the door to check, but I decide against that after realizing that it’s a few minutes past midnight. The door continues to shake.

An idea pops up in my head. I walk back towards the bathroom, open the door without making a noise, shut it behind me so my voice won’t project to the door, and dial a number on my phone.

“Did I wake you?”

“No, what’s up?” Chike, our flatmate’s voice hits my ear.

“I think there is someone at my door, I’m not expecting anyone and it’s past midnight.”

“I’m very sure I locked the gate when I entered around 8 pm, and I didn’t hear it open after that. So, how could anyone have entered? Hold on.”

I hear footsteps, then a door opens, followed by more footsteps.

“I can see your door from the bathroom, and there’s nobody there. Wait, oh! It’s a big rat trying to force itself under the door.”

“Really?” We both laugh as I thank him before I end the call.



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