Cultural and Literary Hub Organizes Event, Commemorates Native Language

By: Aduwo Ayodele

A literary group, Àtélewó Cultural Initiative, founded in 2017 as a response to the myriads of challenges and threats facing Yorùbá culture and language, will on Saturday, March 25, 2023, commemorate her annual International Mother Language Day Celebration.

The ceremony themed ” Èdè l’Okò Àsà” is aimed at promoting and preserving indigenous languages. 

Scheduled to hold at BNI Centre, U&I Building, Opposite Idia Hall, University of Ibadan, by 10 am, some important features at the event include presenting Àtẹ́lẹwọ́ Prize for Literature 2023 awards to deserving recipient(s), and casting Ògbóǹtarìgì, a premiere documentary about Pa Gabriel Ọmọ́táyo Oníbọnòjé.

Stating that admission into the event is free, interested participants are required to register ahead of the event, which has been “dedicated to the reviving and repositioning of the Yorùbá culture, while also providing a platform to stoke interest towards the dynamics of the Yorubá culture.”

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