SHSN-UI Announces Date for Black History Festival

By: Aduwo Ayodele 

The Students’ Historical Society of Nigeria will on April 01, 2023, celebrate her annual Black History event at SLT Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Scheduled to commence by 10 am, the event would feature music, film screening, art exhibitions, games, gifts, and keynote speeches.

Black History is celebrated popularly in February or March as a tradition that started during the Jim Crow era in the United States of America. It was formally recognized in the year 1976 to honor African-Americans’ contributions and to acknowledge their sacrifices.

Speaking with Indy Press, SHSN-UI President, Okewole Charles noted that the celebration connects students and the entire University of Ibadan community with the African past.

“Black History is an event set up to commemorate the struggles, and triumphs of Blacks. This event has largely been celebrated in some countries mainly the USA(February) and the UK(October) every year all in a bid to showcase the enormous impact the Blacks have contributed in societies in which they found themselves. The father of Black History is none other than Carter G Woodson, an American Historian.” 

“The importance of Black History events to students cannot be downplayed. Students need to be well aware of what exactly played out during the period in which Blacks were shipped out in large quantities and also understand that the impact of the Blacks in those areas that they found themselves were enormous” the President added.

In a separate chat, the Chairman of SHSN-UI Black History Committee, Olúwábùkúnmi Abraham Awóṣùsì stressed the need to generally embrace the forthcoming celebration, noting that the event is open to both students and other members of the University of Ibadan community.

“Black History has always been the annual ritual of the History students of the University of Ibadan, and for this year, we have planned a series of interesting events. Also, we are opening it to outsiders, we want everyone to have a feel of history outside the four corners of theories and concepts.”

Tickets to the event can be obtained at the venue at the rate of #1000 only or can be obtained via before the event.

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