UI 100 Level Students React to Released Results

By: Ajadi Sodiq.

Self-evaluation is an inherent part of the exam life of students. A lot of students, including freshmen, even go as far as marking and grading themselves after every paper they attempt. Regardless of efforts sometimes, however, cannot simply determine whether they’ll ace the examinations or not. Sometimes, they evaluate correctly; sometimes, it’s the other way round.

“Checking Results Feels Like Judgement” – UI students Explain.

Following the release of some of the first semester results, this Indy Press correspondent spoke to some 100 level students about the results. Some students were visibly elated about the results, and others started to figure out their cumulative grade point average (CGPA). However, the eagerness to check the result and the corresponding anxiety were common to all the respondents. 

Olawoore Islamiyat, a 100 Level student of the department of sociology, shared her reaction upon learning results were released  

When one of my classmates beeped me to let me know that the GES results were out, I was on my way to purchase something for my mom. Curious and anxious, I had to swiftly rush down to the location and acquire the item for my mom,” she said.

Grace Chika of the department of psychology, on the other hand, anticipated the results but was not surprised when she saw them. 

I Just picked up my phone it do something and I saw that the result was out, I wasn’t really surprised because I know it’s definitely going to be out one day and that very day is one of those days” Grace explained

Alifa Grace, a law student enrolled in the 100-level program, also shares a similar sentiment. According to her, there is no need to worry about the results. She explained how she anticipated the results, but was not too disturbed about the potential outcome.

A day to the day the result was revealed I’ve been asking myself when precisely would these results be out. But as we’ve been informed by Starlite the first semester’s results are always coming out during the second semester and it came out the next day” 

The Freshmen also had notably positive expectations for their performances in the examinations. Olasupo Taofeek, a 100 Level student in the department of Political science, believes that results should ideally be commensurate to efforts. He also explained how his positive outlook is sometimes buffered by good performances in continuous assessment exercises

I could remember the sleepless night I had during the examination period and how I had to revise almost the entire courses we were taught for the semester one night because I was worried and uncertain about which angle the questions might be coming from. Although it might not seem that way to the professor or the examiner “I can’t do all those things and put in all those efforts and expected a poor score from my work.” Taofeek remarked 

Having a good score on one test gives one assurance in this examination, will give a nice back-up to whatever you want to will hoping to receive at the end of the examination.” He continued. 

For Emmanuel, a student of the Department of Education and Political science, fear is a prevalent emotion when checking exam results. He explained his apprehension about the results, especially after putting in a lot of effort. According to him, he has high hopes for the unreleased results

There was definitely that fear in me when checking the result because I already put my expectations of an A in all my courses and I put in the effort to ensure I get what I want, so my hope is high and I can’t wait to see other results with scores that I prayed for,” he said.

We Know! We still have a lot to do – UI students expressed.

Despite the mix of anxiety and optimism, the students demonstrated that giving up is not an option for them. 

Definitely, we know! We have a lot to do, and this is just the beginning for us, to me I think we are still revising what we’ve learned in secondary school; there are still 200, 300, and 400 Levels for us to go. We are not giving up” Taofeek emphasizes as he speaks for other students.

Islamiyat also opined on the importance of not giving up “When you give up on life, never give up on yourself, because there is so much for you to keep on giving! this is just what I believed in because there is a long way to go” 

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