Interhall Football Match

Interhalls: Will Zik Hall Maintain Dominance or will Katanga Elites Return?

By: BobbyJay

In a semester filled with events all around, the coming weeks will feature loads of sporting events in the premier University. From the Tech Masters cup leading to the survival cup, the CBN cup, the potential College of Medicine Health cup, and Dean’s and HOD’s tournaments among others are lurking around the corner.

Among all these highlighted events, the Interhall competition is arguably the biggest, and the most revered. This event features a lot of fanfare, banters, rivalries, laughter, and probable tears; it is certainly one to look forward to. This edition of the tournament is slightly evolved from the SU edition, held last year; it opens to many other sports besides football and features football for male and female halls of residence. This piece examines the chances of some of the participating sides in this tournament in the football competition.

Zik Hall. (Odds To Win – 7/1)

Under the new captaincy of Emmanuel Bamiwo, the skipper who also doubles as UI’s skipper, the Baluba boys will look to retain their title. However, with the likes of Samuel Oderinde (Skinny), Rudiger, Taofeek, and their title-winning coach Kester off the table, it’s left to new coach Ikas from the department of Sociology to build a team around the core left. He may have to make do with Bamiwo, Afoo, and Enioto (Koulibaly) at the left as the core of the team and find a mix with the likes of Ilori, Daniel, and potential newbies if they do want to get a chance to brandish their trademark coffin yet again this year.

Key Players – Bamiwo (Sociology), Afoo (Physics). Players to watch out for – Daniel (KHE), and Jamiu (ASSE).

INDY Hall.(Odds to win – 17/2)

The Great independence hall crashed out of the last edition in rather unexpected circumstances. Apparently, the services of Coach Atanda weren’t enough to lead the star-studded XI –  featuring Michael King, Ebele, Nubzy, and AKP –  to glory. This edition provides them the chance to raise their heads and don their green once again, considering they made the final just two editions back.

As a matter of fact, Independence Hall is endowed with football talents right from the days of Ozil down to the current generation. If the Katanga republic finds a way to blend their numerous talents into one terrorizing squad, they’re certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Key Players – Adams Jay (Pet Eng), Kay(Geography). Players to watch out for – MJ (WPE), Heskeyman (Civil Eng).

Kuti Hall.(Odds to win – 29/3)

Ransome Kuti’s boys were sent packing off the last edition courtesy of Zik hall. They were totally outclassed in the first half, especially in the midfield and the pitch over. The half ended with 2 goals against them. However, they rallied back from halftime, with an eye for a comeback. Having introduced then-freshman Afeez and his wicked hoof balls, they pulled one back and sieged Zik Hall’s defense. Chance after chance came but they failed to convert. Certainly, that’s something they can build on in this edition if they hope to taste glory.

Key Players – Gbenga(Psychology), Ojele(Pet). Players to watch out for – Life (Pharmacy), Andrew (Biochemistry).

Bello Hall. (Odds to win – 43/4)

Two darting runs past Indy’s Nubzy from AEE’s This proved to be the catalyst as Bello got past the Katanga warriors in the first round. Bello still managed to get past the PG hall in a round marred by controversies before eventually getting humbled by Zik Hall in the final. The Bellites first have a herculean task in filling the void left by former school team CB Yemi Joe, as they seek to assemble another team capable of making another final berth.

Key Players – John (Philosophy), Ehis (AEE). Players to watch out for – Kenneth (IPE), and Josh (Mech).

Tedder Hall.(Odds to win – 59/5)

Blessed with forwards like John Tomi of Mech Engineering and UI pioneers’ top man,  Baba Ibadan (Bolu) of statistics, Lord Tedder boys need to up the quality across the rest of their team. With goals probably looking assured, everywhere else needs to shore up. After all, goals win you matches and defense wins you titles.

Key Players – Bolu (Stats), Daud (Animal Science). Players to watch out for – Dave (MBBS), and Oba (Pol Science).

Mellanby Hall also has their work cut out for them. The last edition’s cameo certainly isn’t one they would boast of. Improvements need to come in every facet. Their players need to step up as they in fact do possess loads of talents across departments in the University of Ibadan. Having lost BAMBA’s bid as well, there is an urgency to fuse their current sophomores and freshmen with their older generation.

Key Player – CJ(Dentistry). Players to watch out for – Kesh (Geology), and Orodeun (Vet Med).

The PostGraduate Halls and Alexander Brown Hall, far away from home, can’t be left out. These halls are bolstered by former school team captain, Kante, and former Independence Hall forward, Benjamin (Carbon), respectively. Hopefully, for them, they can muster enough team strength that will place them in the challenge for the title.

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