How to Balance School Work with Sports this Semester

By: Kelvin Omachonu 

The second semester is usually filled with a lot of sports activities in the University of Ibadan. This semester a lot of activities have been lined up. There is the inter-hall competition organized by the Student Union, the various faculties and departments will have their Dean’s Cups, and the halls of residence would have inter-floor games.

Even religious bodies are not left out. The various fellowships would have their games. So it is clear that the semester is clearly stocked. As a sportsman/sportswoman, it is easy to get too engrossed in the activities and forget the major reason for coming to school in the first place which is academic success.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy of course, but too much play and less work would produce a similar result. So, it is expedient to find a way to balance studies with sports to ensure you win on both ends.

Plan a Schedule

Victor Hugo said, “He who every morning plans the transactions of that day and follows that plan carries a thread that will guide him through the labyrinth of the busiest life.” 

To be successful in life planning is key. Time is money, and having a proper grasp of what you do with your time would be key. Ensure that you have a planned schedule where you allocate time for sports and time for your studies. Ensure that the time used for sports does not clash and maintain a high level of discipline to ensure that you follow it up religiously. 

Get Adequate Rest

To avoid a breakdown, ensure you get enough rest. Sports require a lot of physical and mental energy. It is advisable to have at least an hour of rest after any sports activity so you can stay refreshed and maintain a high level of performance. Also, ensure to get enough sleep after class. Lack of rest could make your brain go blank at the most important moments.

Eat Well, and Drink Well

Junk food is probably the easiest to obtain, but it does very little good to your body. Ensure you eat well, especially energy-giving foods and fruits to keep you at your optimum level physically and mentally. After a sports activity, it is advisable to get some rest and eat to replenish expended energy. Avoid Alcohol and carbonated drinks as much as possible. Water should be your best friend if you want to stay fit as a sportsman. Avoid smoking, and stay away from performance-enhancing drugs as they would make you weak and cause problems on the long run.

Keep a Good Relationship with Your Coursemates 

Being a dedicated sportsman, it is very possible that you could miss out on some important things from lecturers. To make sure you stay in touch and abreast of what happens in class, ensure you have a solid relationship with your coursemates. Have a study group that would always explain areas where you have fallen short. At the same time, make your presence felt by working on your own and contributing to the group so you will not be a liability to the group. With all these, you should be able to achieve success in your chosen sport and get good results at the end of the semester.


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