Indy Press Journalist, Eriomala John Wins UCJ Best Inductee Award

By: Samuel Olowolayemo

The Union of Campus Journalist University of Ibadan on Friday, 01, April 2023 awarded IndyPress Journalist, Eriomala John as the “Best Inductee” during the induction ceremony at Trenchard Hall, UI. 

Eriomala John, a member of Independence Hall Press had scored seventy-five (75) in the UCJ Batch A examination which was held on the 17th December, 2022.

Reacting to the recognition and award presented to him, John Eriomala extended his appreciation to the Union of Campus Journalists and the Editor-in-Chief of IndyPress for bringing him to the knowledge of journalism.

“Thank you so much. I feel really honoured to have won this award. I’m especially thankful to my Editor- in-Chief for the effort he put into training us and ensuring our proper introduction to the Press.” 

“I hope that for the rest of my stay as a student, I can put out stories that are not only excellent but in line with the standards expected of a quality Campus Journalist.”

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