UI’SRC Votes Against Disciplinary Committee Recommendations Over OMA’s Case

By: Aduwo Ayodele 

The University of Ibadan Students’ Representative Council (SRC) on April 7th, 2023 has decided against the initial recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, which was set up to investigate the improper handling of the UISU TV by the Office of the Public Relations Officer, in person of Olalekan Michael Ajibola.

The Council at its 7th plenary sitting decided through a secret-ballot system, with a vote of forty-five (45) to twenty-seven (27), against adopting the disciplinary recommendations of the SRC’s Disciplinary Committee, despite welcoming the Committee’s report which established a case of misconduct by two officers of the UISU Executive Council.

The Council, as of the time of this report, is however set to decide either to adopt new measure of sanctions on the Public Relations Officer, Olalekan Michael Ajibola and the Financial Treasurer, Daniel Peniel or abide with the provision of the constitution as stated in Article (VIII), sub-section (iii) of the Students’ Union constitution, which provides for the suspension of any Executive member found for misconduct.

“A member of the Executive Committee shall be suspended from office after a prima facie case of misconduct has been established by a Committee of the SRC (Council), a resolution passed by 2/3 majority of the members voting at an ordinary meeting of Council”. – Article (VIII) Sub-section (iii).

More details later.

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