Indy Hall Gym: Legislative Council Sets up Investigation Committee

By: Ajadi Sodiq.

The Great Independence Hall Legislative Council has set up an investigative committee to look into the financial discrepancies surrounding the Independence Hall gym. This was decided during the sitting that took place on the 28th of April.

It is in response to the unaccountable management of the hall’s gymnasium, which the council addressed as a result of improper management and failure in the financial documentation.

The three-man committee was tasked with ascertaining the financial figures received into the hall’s account through the sports commissioner and a facility user, Mr. Jethro.

Addressing the committee which consists of Hon. Olaoye Samuel, Hon. Oguntoye Ridwan, and Hon. Fagbamila, the Legislative Council speaker, RT Hon. Ajenifuja Stephen, admonished them to present a detailed report on the management of the gymnastic facility.

The house will need to set up an investigative committee who are going to figure out the main reasons behind the failure of financial documentation of fees paid by users of the facility, and who between the Administrator general and sports commissioner assigned Mr. Jethro as the collector of gymnastic’s fees,” said Mr. Speaker.

Earlier, IndyPress had reported how the gymnastics users of the hall have recently preferred using the gymnastic facilities in other halls, because of the improper management of the facility.

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