Indy Hall Legislative Council Assigns Interim Floor Rep for A4 constituency

By: Ajadi Sodiq

The Independence Hall Legislative Council on Friday, April 28th, assigned Olaoye Samuel as the new floor representative for the A4 constituency.

The House made the decision after several reports and observations that the floor has been without a representative.

Speaking to the council at the sitting, The speaker of the legislative council, RT Hon. Stephen Ajenifuja revealed that the council has written different letters to the floor and there has been no response since then.

We have written several letters to the floor since we heard about the issue, but we did not receive any reply from anyone, and obviously the floor needed someone to oversee the affairs of the floor so as to keep managing the floor and the facilities,” he said.

To get the A4 representative, the Legislative Council asked the honorables to nominate members who are on the block or on A4.

Deputy Speaker, Olaoye Samuel stood up for nomination, and the members then voted in his favor to become the new representative of A4. 

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