“An Exemplary Leader”- Indy Press Members Share their Thoughts About Outgoing Editor-in-Chief John Okafor

Oluwapelumi King

John Dare Okafor is a fantastic person. A man with a vision. The majority of what Indy Press has achieved in this session has been based on his ingenuity and creativity. His drive, grit, competence, hard work, and intelligence in this field are simply commendable. John is a go-getter. He sets goals and endeavors to reach the goal no matter the circumstances involved and the hurdles involved. Little wonder he is regarded as one of the best and most prominent campus journalists at the University of Ibadan.

John, it was really brilliant working with you and I am really glad I did. You are a good leader and if another opportunity comes to work with you again in the future, I will because it is an amazing and pleasurable experience. Thank you for being the best you could be and for giving all for Indy Press. May you eat the fruit of your labour.

Ajadi Sodiq

John Dare Okafor is a man of words and dreams, a man of plans and ambitions. John is a leader with listening ears who takes the time to develop his followers, so I did not perceive him as just my E-in-C or someone I just saw once a week when it was time for the press meeting. He taught me how to lead, and I still remember him saying, “You do not try to be like someone, just try and be yourself in your own best way.”

Under his leadership, I’ve been able to boast to the world about my improvement fostered by his continuous supervision and training with corrections on my mistakes. John is one of the blessings in a man I’ve met, a leader, a blunt intellectual, he’s a leader with monitoring, and he’ll make sure he provides the necessary information to make a good and better story; he never leaves a man to it.

Using this opportunity to say thank you leader for all you’ve done and that your time as this is a fruitful and fulfilling one for us. May Almighty God bless you, chief!

Aduwo Ayodele

John Okafor is for me a young man of many virtues. First, he is very patriotic about the ethics and standard of journalism. John has a long sight to see one’s capabilities, where on the surface it doesn’t seem promising. John is courageous (and diplomatic) and has taught me inadvertently to be so, without fear. John in my judgment is a socialist, he simply thinks of others and the collective good. John is a primary thinker of how the University of Ibadan could work better, hence his all-encompassing approach to Campus Journalism. As an individual, my journalistic skills have been honed under his watch. John is a talented author of his compositions. A bard composer of satire, who is worthy to emulate.

John is disciplined and would want such conduct, even in his absence. My sojourn into campus journalism will forever be a story with an all-time reference to John. His astuteness can be best seen in his administration of Indy Press Organisation. He brazenly edified the organization’s practices and traditions to fit into contemporary styles. Internally, under John’s watch, Indy Press was run uniquely, and differently. The testimonies, honestly, are beyond the depth of these testifying lines. They are indeed cast across all areas (politics, welfare, business, entertainment, sport, investigation, special reports, etcetera) in relation to the University of Ibadan.

Abdulwaaliy Bello

John Okafor is honestly one of the best and most impactful people I’ve met on campus. He’s a fierce leader, driven by all the right qualities, one can clearly tell his passion for journalism. It has been a privilege to be under his leadership and dare I say, tutelage. It cannot be forgotten. I wish him the best in the journey ahead.

Habeeb Abdul

For me, I think one of John’s strongest qualities is his people management. He strikes a fine balance between listening to genuine challenges and ensuring that members remain functional. Aside from that, he is very open to new ideas. That is something I have repeatedly benefited from. As he moves on, he has the highest assurances of my gratitude and best wishes as he moves forward.

Eriomala John

“Being a good writer is not the same as being a good journalist”. With those thirteen words, John ‘Dare Okafor more or less marked the ‘official’ beginning of my time as a campus journalist. And months after, all I can say is that the change has been evident.

Actually, that’s not all I can say. I can also tell you how practical John was in ensuring everyone at Indy Press did their best. Or how his attention to detail ensured the articles each week were of better quality. Or how he’d always reiterate the importance of the right story and the impact of each sentence. Or how, most importantly, he was a friend outside the press room; a really good friend. 

There’s even more I can say but let’s skip to what’s important. Thank you for everything, John. Thank you.

Moboluwarin Ogunleye 

One of the people I’d be most grateful for, in my journey as a writer in the University of Ibadan is, John Dare Okafor. Upon my recruitment into Indy Press, I made a request to him about getting feedback for my articles and he has always delivered.  My current positive development can mostly be attributed to him, and his constructive criticism. His challenges for me in assignments,  week in week out are only nothing but helpful.

As he moves on,  I wish him all the best, and all the help he has provided for me and others.  And I can only say, thank you.

Kelvin Omachonu

I got the Indy Press form John back in 2019. Little did I know that I would be working closely to him a few years later. John Dare Okafor is a determined individual, a thoroughbred. His push, his brilliance, and his vision has helped push Indy Press to places where we thought we would never get to. He is an exemplary leader and always likes to carry people along. 

I’m happy he’s leaving, and at the same time, I’m sad because I’ve grown so used to him. Nonetheless, I wish you good luck my boss, go out there and break a leg. We all are rooting for you.


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