Indy Press Celebrates Official Handover

By: Lawal Damilare.

Award-winning press organization Indy Press held her official handover ceremony on the 13 of May 2023, drawing the curtains to the outgoing editorial board.

The outgoing editorial board consisted of John Dare Okafor, Editor-in-Chief; Akinmoyeje Timileyin Precious, Deputy E-in-C; Emmanuel Ilesanmi, Managing Editor; Kelvin Omachonu, Sports Editor; Oluwapelumi Adeniyi, Arts and Entertainment Editor; Habeeb Akorede Abdul, Features Editor; and Aduwo Ayodele, News editor.

The event had special guests in attendance, personalities like the 34th UCJ UI president Dada Ibukunoluwa, The E-in-C of NUESA press Olaogun Olawale, and the E-in-C of AFAS press.

The event had in the program, the speeches of members and also the guests that were present.

“I really do not know much about all the members of Indy Press, but I can say the structure in place is enough for one to succeed,” the former UCJ President said.

“The UCJ is really grateful for the immense contribution of the press and how instrumental your outgoing E in C John was in rejuvenating other press organizations.

“I encourage the new editor-in-chief to keep the efforts and bonds with the union as it was with Theo and Fasilat and John, and myself.”

Speaking at the event, John Dare Okafor, the outgoing E-in-C also recounted his experience with Indy Press Organisation and being the Outgoing E-in-C of the organization.

“It’s not only the structure at Indy Press that matters, it’s the utilization of talents. I have shared severally how I joined the press, but being the E-in-C is more about utilizing the talents,” John said.

“When I came in as E-in-C, I think I revamped the editorial board and I heard people say why would you for instance use an 100 lvl boy on the editorial board, but one thing I knew was, I saw beyond what they were capable of.

“As I have said severally, the E-in-C role is 70% of administration than editorial knowledge, it’s about managing talents, it’s about using people and talents.

“I advise the incoming Editor-in-chief to never try to be like me. I didn’t try to be a better Theophilus(former Editor-in-chief).

“It’s very easy to be lost in the wind, but then, just be you. Theo raised the bar, and I think I raised it higher.

“I spoke with my dad and I told him I would be handing over. He said the person who is taking over should see it as a challenge. And as such, you would discover a lot of things about yourself. it’s not only about having a system, it’s about having people who are committed, and it takes only one tenure to bring the whole thing down” He said.

During the event, Kelvin Omachonu, who was sworn in as the new Editor-in-chief relayed his experiences as an Indy Press member.

“When I got into UI, Journalism wasn’t what I really wanted. I just knew I wanted to be on the radio, I grew up listening to sports broadcasters, and that is what I wanted to be.

“Asides from writing formal and informal letters during exams back in Secondary school, I don’t think I wrote any article whatsoever.

“The chain of reaction also shows how important what we do here is, I remember walking up to my floor rep Wale( Popularly called Kill monger), and he was the one who directed me to Williams.

“Then Williams directed me to John and I picked up the form, and went for the interview where I met John, Theophilus, and Chidera.

“I think one thing about being an Indy Press member is our commitment. I think commitment is what brought me to where I am now. 


Kelvin Omachonu – The Editor-in-Chief
Akorede Abdul Habeeb – Deputy E-in-C
Aduwo Ayodele – Managing Editor
Ayeye Toluwalope – Feature Editor
Utibe Emmanuel – Politics Editor
Eriomala John – Arts and Entertainment Editor
Ajadi Sodiq – News Editor
Lawal Oluwadamilare – Sports Editor.

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