Three UI Students Launch IT Startup

Three University of Ibadan Students Adams Paul(400-level Electrical and Electronics Engineering), Abu Teslim(400-level Food Technology), and William Owoeye(400-level BMLS) have launched a website that helps businesses to collate testimonials.

The website called Custimony will help businesses gather positive testimonials for their businesses with the power of AI(Artificial Intelligence), and compile them in a single place for potential customers.

Speaking to Indy Press, the Content and Marketing manager Williams Owoeye shared some interesting facts about the platform.

“We help customers collate what their customers are saying about them. We help businesses put them in a single place regardless of the platform. Whether it is from Google Play Store, Google My Business, or social media like Twitter and Facebook.

“When we collate the testimonials, our clients can choose to embed it to their website or share it as a link. They can even make graphics/flyers with the website studio.

“An additional feature that we have built with the solution that we are providing at Custimony is Custy.

“This is an AI software that is smart in every sense of the word. It removes the veiled and dark spots surrounding the health of your business. And it does this by providing you with valuable information such as insights and analytics so you don’t stay in the dark about how your business is faring.”

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