Court rules in favour of Ojo Aderemi, former UISU President, orders studentship restored immediately

By Aduwo Ayodele

Justice Uche Nma Agomoh of the Federal High Court sitting in Ibadan, on Tuesday, 30th of May, ruled that the suspension of Ojo Aderemi, erstwhile President of the University of Ibadan Students’ Union in 2017, is null and void.

Acknowledging his decisive triumph following a suit filled in 2019 after his suspension by the Students’ Disciplinary Committee of the University of Ibadan, Ojo Aderemi wrote on his social media handles that the case was “won in court, against all odds, against the machinery and insinuations of the opposition faced.”

Bringing the incident to the fore, Mr. Aderemi noted that he had to take the issue to court after all failed attempts to manage the resentment which led to the suspension of the Students’ Union, himself for four semesters, the Speaker of the UI’SRC for two semesters, Deputy Speaker, Chief Whip and Clerk for one-semester suspension each.

“Recall that I was suspended from my studies at the University of Ibadan on 10th April 2019 for my posture as President of the Students Union. After general appeals failed and other cunning Greek gifts evaporated, I decided to leave it all at the legal route, and I did.”

“Through COVID-19, JUSUN strikes, judicial vacation, and transfer of judges, the matter became a tad lengthy, ending today 30th May 2023 upon the judgment of the court in our favour which declared my suspension null and void and ordered my studentship restored with full rights immediately.”

“Although I have recently served out the full term of that unjust punishment, I am still happy I got justice. Delayed albeit, but denied, no longer” he added.

Recall that the University of Ibadan Students’ Union was abruptly suspended following a peaceful protest, which was duly ratified by the Students’ union congress on May 27, 2017.

Later, in 2019, Ojo Aderemi who had been in 300L student was subsequently suspended by the University of Ibadan management, under the headship of erstwhile Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olayinka Idowu, for leading the 2017 protest over the school’s inability to provide identity cards for students.

The congress which ratified the demonstration was held on the 27th of May 2017 and was presided over by Ojo Aderemi, the Students’ Union President.

The Congress resolved and scheduled a protest for May 29, 2017, against the recurring failure of the university management to provide students with identity cards after several unyielding attempts to agree to the provision of the identity cards.

Tagged alongside the chief demand for the long-due identity cards in 2017, students also demanded the use of electric-powered cooking appliances in the halls of residence.

The peaceful protest, with no known damage to date, was followed by the shutting of the University for weeks and the indefinite suspension of the Students’ Union by the University management.

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