AID NG Partners With AIESEC In Ibadan, Others, to Organize ‘The University Of Ibadan Clean Up’

By: Ayeye Toluwalope

AID NG has partnered with AIESEC in Ibadan, Recycledge, and SDG Hub UI to organize an event in honor of World Environment Day.

The event was held on Saturday, June 10, and witnessed the gathering of volunteers at the SUB Carpark at 7:30 a.m.

It followed a week-long awareness campaign on social media during which the organization shed light on the detrimental effects of plastic waste. The cleanup focused on the SUB Pitch, building, and the roads around Love Garden.

Commenting on the exercise, Ikechukwu Anowa Duke, a co-director of AID NG, noted: “We noticed that the end point of all plastic products in the University is either in gutters or on the floor randomly, anywhere.

With this obvious challenge, we decided to partner with organizations that are like-minded with our vision to do something about it and also to create systems to sustain what we have done today.”

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