Indy Press Holds Press Night, Releases Official Results

By: Ajadi Sodiq

The Indy Press Organization on the 10th of June, 2023 held its Press Night ahead of the Independence Hall election.

The event, which featured the presentation of the manifestoes and a presidential debate between the aspiring Administrator-Generals’, was held at the Junior Common Room (JCR) of the Hall.

The Official Results
Ogunremi Samuel (Administrator General) – 61.6%

Ikonwi Goddoing (Administrator General) – 61.9%

Olaniyan Ibrahim (Secretary of State) – 68.3%

Adediran David (House Secretary) – 57.6%

Adeniji Fifehanmi (Social and Buttery Commissioner) – 57.2%

Osuntokun Oluwadamilare (Social and Buttery Commissioner) – 53.8%

Afolabi David (Financial Secretary) – 49.6%

Komolafe Olaoluwa (Defense Commissioner) – 64.5%

Ejechi Favour (Defense Commissioner) – 46.9%

Odunkan Oluwagbemiga (Sports Secretary)- 73.9%

Babalola Gideon (Public Relations Officer) – 72%

Salami Oluwatayo (Health Commissioner) – 59.6%

Salako Olajireoluwa (Health Commissioner) – 66%

Results of the Presidential Debate

Ikonwi Goddoing (Administrator General) – 57%
Ogunremi Samuel (Administrator General) – 58%

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