Independence Hall Elections: Ogunremi Samuel floors Ikonwi Gooddoing in AG position; Salako Olajire upsets Salami Oluwatayo

Ogunremi Samuel has been elected as the new Administrator General of Independence Hall after he defeated Ikonwi Gooddoing in the polls that held on Saturday.

Elections for Executive and Legislative seats took place on the 12th of June 2023. The process began at some minutes past nine. As the voting would be held online, the process was straightforward, as voters only had to present a valid means of identification, after which their names would be cross-checked on the list of eligible voters.

There was no form of violence, as some security officials from the school were present.

The entire process was concluded at about 5PM. The Chairman of the Katanga Republic Independent Electoral Commission announced the results, and all the agents were present to confirm all the scores.

For the Executive positions, Samuel defeated Goddoing for the AG seat. Samuel pulled 452 votes, while Goddoing had 168. There were also 16 void votes.

The other results are:

Health Commissioner 

Salako Olajire (Dr. Park)- 350

Salami Oluwatayo (Retro) – 277

Void 9

Defense Commissioner

Ejechi Favour – 136

Salami Oluwatayo – 483

Void – 17

Sport Commissioner 

Odunukan Oluwagbemiga – 593

Void – 43

Social Commissioner 

Osuntokin Oluwadamilare – 150

Adeniji Oluwatimilehin – 458

Void – 48

Financial Secretary

Afolabi David – 581

Void – 55

House Secretary

Adediran David – 561

Void – 75

Secretary of State 

Olaniyan Ibrahim – 621

Void – 75

Public Relations Officer

Babalola Gideon – 576

Void – 60

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