Independence Hall Legislature Suspends House Secretary, Sports Commissioner, Four Other Excos

By: Kelvin Omachonu

The Independence Hall Legislative House on Wednesday, June 14, suspended six members of the Executive arm for insubordination.

The Independence Hall Legislature sat on Wednesday night with the hall week budget as the main agenda, alongside the hearing of the results of the investigation into the Hall gym.

According to the Speaker Rt. Hon. Stephen Ajenifuja, all the executives were supposed to be present at the sitting, and they were sent letters to that effect.

The sitting started with the house hearing the investigation of the Independence Hall gym. But the house failed to conclude because the Sports Secretary was absent at the sitting.

The house then took a 20-minute break to wait for some of the executives. After waiting, only the Secretary of State Lonimi Ogungbure and the Public Relations Officer were available.

The Speaker then made it clear that the only executive member who indicated his unavailability was the Administrator General, but the other excos never sent letters.

“The AG is the only person that is permitted to be absent from this sitting. The other Executives members have to be punished,” Rt. Hon Ajenifuja said.

Hon. Fagbamila Joseph of C3 Constituency then moved a motion for the suspension of six excos- the Finance Secretary, Defense Commissioner, Health Commissioner, Sports Commissioner, House Secretary, and the Social & Buttery commissioner for at least three weeks.

He said he moved this motion because a notification was sent to them about the sitting and they didn’t send an official letter to let the House know of their absence.

The SoS brought up points to defend the excos, stating that they were needed for functionality, also, the Hall week is very near. However, Hon. Afolabi David of the A2 constituency seconded the motion that was raised.

A Subsidiary motion was raised by Hon. Egboche to reduce the four weeks to 2 weeks.

Upon further deliberation, the House then decided to suspend all the excos for one week. Furthermore, they would post apology letters stating reasons for absence and post them on each floor before Friday the 16th of June.

Hon. Egboche moved a motion for the adjournment of the sitting to allow the gym investigation committee to gather more facts and for the excos to defend the budget.

Hon. Afolabi David then seconded the motion to adjourn the sitting till next week.

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