Live | Mild rancour Occurs As Independence Hall Legislative Council Sets to Elect Principal Officers

By: Aduwo Ayodele

Following the dissolution of the Ajenifuja Stephen-led Assembly of the Independence Hall Assembly and the swearing-in of the newly constituted Assembly, a mild rancour occured during the plenary between the outgone Speaker, Rt. Honorable Stephen Ajenifuja and observers, comprising elders in the Hall.

The agenda ongoing before the brawl occured was the presentation of manifestos by aspirants contesting for the principal offices.

Reasons for the rancour during the plenary includes disagreement with the outgone Speaker presiding over the newly constituted Assembly, refusal of the presiding outgone Speaker to honour the motions raised for a recess, and what some observers has described as the poor knowledge of the erstwhile Speaker, Rt. Honorable Ajenifuja Stephen.

Subsequent to a brief recess observed to lighten the rancour, the newly constituted Assembly has resumed its plenary.

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