Independence Hall HMC Passes Important Resolutions: Outsiders May Have To Pay For Water

By: Utibe Emmanuel

On Wednesday, 26th of July, 2023, the Independence Hall Management Council(HMC) sat in the Junior common room, after the swearing-in of the new executive council.

The Indy HMC consists of the Hall management and the elected student leadership, and they passed three resolutions on some issues affecting the hall when they sat after the swearing-in ceremony.

The condition of the mattresses Independence Hall rents out was the first topic that was brought up. Then they deliberated the issue of the health post and the university’s reluctance to go back to the era of having personnel mount halls’ health posts. The Independence Hall health post has not been used in recent years, but the HMC was looking to change it to a shop.

Finally, the issue of making the outsiders pay fees to cover for the added pressure they put on the water supply in the hall was brought up. Independence Hall supplies a lot of people and businesses outside the hall water, and that adds to the electricity bill. As such, the idea of monetizing it to cushion the effect was raised.

The final resolutions on these issues are:

On the issue of the mattresses, the HMC decided to get new covers for the beds to make them look decent for people who are interested in renting them.

It was also decided that the health post would be released for commercial use for the hall with special consideration to Katangites.

Lastly, it was decided that a small committee would be set up to make some proper findings on the water issue, which would properly inform the further decision of the council.

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