Independence Hall Warden Warns Students To Vacate Hall Premises

By: Kelvin Omachonu

The Hall Waden of Independence Hall, Dr. Adejumo has warned students still staying in the hall to leave in order to avoid disciplinary action.

He said this during the fumigation exercise that took place on Sunday, the 6th of August. During the fumigation, rooms that were locked were forced open, and some hot plates were seized.

The Hall Warden also told students who left their belongings in their previous rooms to come back and take their belongings as soon as possible.

“Greatest Katangites, we have fumigated the hall in preparation for resumption because freshers will resume on August 21st. This was done to reduce the load of pests,” Dr. Ajumobi told Indy Press.

“We had to break the locks of some rooms that were locked to gain access. So if you have your things in the hall, kindly come and take them for security reasons because we can not keep an eye on all the rooms because all the rooms are currently open.

“Also, those still in the hall should leave because the session has officially ended. I give everyone till 1PM on Saturday to leave.

“If you’re still in the hall, you are disobeying the authority, and if you are caught, you will face disciplinary action. And if I catch you personally, you will not get accommodation next session.”

There will still be another round of fumigation next week.

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