Freshers Begin Registrations as New Session Commences

By: Emmanuel Utibe

On Monday, 21st of August 2023, the University of Ibadan commenced the 2022/23 session with the registration of fresh students. The new intakes were seen converging on various locations across the school premises.

At places like the Accomodation Office, ITEMs, freshmen with technical issues with their portal or incomplete admission clearance underwent the sorting of relevant paperwork.

Representatives of various campus organizations were also seen helping freshers to navigate their issues whilst apprising them of membership merits.

For transport workers and businesses like cybercafes and photographers, there was a clear rise in demand for their services compared to the break period. Even so, more students are expected back on campus.

But while there is full commitment across levels to easing the accommodation burdens of fresh students, uncertainty persists over the proposed student fees.

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