Indy Legislative Council Passes Executive Budget For Scrutiny

By: Samuel Olowolayemo 

The Independence Hall Legislative Council, during her plenary held on the 1st of September, 2023, accepted and forwarded the Executive council budget to the office of the finance and budgeting committee for scrutinization.

Each executive member was required to present their budgets before the house. But the social and buttery commissioner, though present, did not have a budget to defend as the budget for his office was not yet ready.

After considering the budget presentation and defence of the executive members, the honourable speaker, Rt. Hon. Olaoye Samuel called for the passage of the budget for Scrutiny. The clerk, Hon. Olufemi Inioluwa, moved the motion that it be forwarded to the office of finance and budgeting committee for scrutinization.

The plenary session, which commenced a few minutes past 8pm on Friday at the Indy Junior Common Room, ended at 1:10am on Saturday morning after several deliberations with a motion for adjournment of sitting by the Clerk, Hon. Adekanmi Ezekiel. Hon. Olaoye seconded this motion.

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