Independence Hall Legislature Approves ₦1.024million Spending For 2023/24 Session

By: Kelvin Omachonu 

The Independence Hall Legislative Council has approved a budget of ₦1024099 for the Hall executives for the 2023/202 academic session.

The executives presented their budgets to the House two weeks ago, and after a week of screening and checking, they reconvene another sitting on Friday, September 8th.

Some of the executives had their budgets significantly reduced, while the house added to others.

During the sitting there were a few rude remarks by the Administrator General Mr. Ogunremi Samuel and the Defence Commisioner Olaoluwa Komolafe. This caused a slight interruption of the sitting as the Defence Commissioner was sent out by the Speaker.

However, the issue was soon dealt with. And the House went on to approve ₦1,0240,99 for the executives.

Meanwhile, the House also drafted and approved ₦299,880 as their budget for the current session.

Breakdown of Executives’ Budget

Pre-budget- ₦108,730

Administrator General – ₦325,605

Secretary of State – ₦123,480

Public Relations Officer – ₦138,810

House Secretary – ₦92,085

Finance Commissioner- ₦49,770

Health Commissioner- ₦53,372

Defence Commissioner – 74,655

Sports Commissioner- 57, 592

The sitting lasted from 8PM till just over 3AM on Saturday.

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