FanIce Company Holds Conference Ahead Of Activation Programme In UI

By: Ajadi Sodiq

The FanIce Company on Thursday 5th of October held a press conference ahead of her activation programme in the University of Ibadan.

The press conference which took place at the UI Hotel started at exactly 11am. The conference had in attendance reputable personnel from the company; the CEO IS43 Goodman Shodeinde, Sales Manager Mr. Segun Oyetola, Product Manager IS43 Mr. Moses Nwaeze, FanIce Ambassador Mr. Babatunmise, UI’SU President Samuel Tobiloba, and the UI’SU AGS Mojuba.

During the opening of the conference Mr. Shodeinde, the CEO of the IS43 gave an insight of what the activation programme would be about while Mr. Oyetola Segun further lay emphasis on the activation purpose.

“We know people are aware of FanIce and the fact that the company has been on over 60 years, we are planning on this activation so as to introduce our new products to students and at the same time the benefits”.

After series of questions from Press Men, Mr Moses Nwaeze informed the conference on welcome of ideas from students who are interested in pitching relevant ideas to the company for approval.

“If there’s student who have an idea that wants it to be executed, such student can reach out Mr. Oyetola and if such idea luckily got approval, we’ll work on it”. He revealed.

The organizers further revealed the benefits include in the activation programme which the students and the school can benefit from the company.

“As a department, faculty, or even the Students’ Union body can write to us if they wants our sponsorship and we’ll look to it”. Mr. Segun Oyetola revealed.

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