AGS Presents Report Of The Freshers’ Week

By: Sonaike Peter.

On the 7th of October 2023, the University of Ibadan’s Students Representative Council (UI’SRC) in a sitting held at the SRC Chambers, received the presentation of the financial report and that of the activities that took place at the freshers’ week from the Assistant General Secretary of the Union, Mr Mojuba.

While the approved budget was N1,700,000 of which N500,000 was to be provided from the Union’s account and the rest secured by sponsorship, from his presentation, the amount eventually spent was N1,400,000.

In his presentation, it was apparent that there was debt incurred during the course of the Union’s freshers’ week. The debt ran up to a total of N323,000.

The house then proceeded to deliberate on resolutions as to what to do with the AGS, who had incurred a debt on items which was not budgeted for and spent on some items more than that which was budget.

In the end, it was resolved that the Union would look to pay all the debt incurred from the union’s account while the AGS would be made to serve community service as punishment.

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